Strategic Dialogue - Transforming the Clinical Dialogue into an Effective Intervention (March 26th 2022)

This unique one-day training will introduce participants to use of The Strategic Dialogue. Participants will learn new ways to create change from the first session, learning techniques to unblock some of the most complex situations and pathologies, quickly and effectively through the use of this adaptable and rigorous intervention.



Learn the essential components of an effective dialogue that is oriented towards rapid change: There is a double bind that the clinician is met with in most treatment situations, which amounts to is the implicit request to ‘change me without changing me’. More than merely being a static diagnostic or initial interview, this stage in therapy, if handled effectively, through the use of precise, discriminating-intervening questions from the outset will initiate meaningful change.

Through a seemingly natural, simple and disarming dialogue, the first session becomes a complete and effective therapy in itself and the dialogue evolves to adapt to each subsequent stage in therapy.

Module Content and Learning Outcomes:

  • History of Dialogue & it’s Persuasive Powers
  • Understanding the Rules of Human Communication and their effect on behavior
  • How to Use Suggestive Communication
  • Use of Hypnosis Without Trance
  • Introduction to Strategic-Operative diagnosis
  • Use of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Use of Strategic Questions
  • The use of questions with Illusion of Alternative
  • The Multi-Functions of Effective Paraphrasing
  • The Gentle Art of Reframing
  • Evoking Emotions, Through Analogical Communication
  • Co-Construction of an Effective Intervention with The Client/Patient

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March 26th 2022 – 9am – 4pm

Online Webinar

Dr Padraic Gibson

CPD Training Certification:
3 points

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor