How to Treat - Depression (January 22nd 2022)

Co-morbid with many disorders, a new and effective treatment will be presented in this training. Participants will learn the 4 Types of depression that exist and the different forms of treatment that are required with each type if we wish to resolve them briefly and effectively.



Module Content and Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Strategic-Evolution and maintenance of Depression
  • Awareness of the perceptive-reactive-system of Depression
  • Knowledge of the main attempts at solution Depression
  • Learn the Operative Diagnosis for the disorder in its 4 different forms
  • Learn the treatment protocols for treating the 4 types of depression: Radically Depressed, Idealist, Victimised, Moralist
  • Learn the effective modes of communication required with this concern
  • Main Strategy required for this disorder
  • Learn Treatment Maintenance instruments
  • Learn Follow up and termination techniques

More Details

January 22nd 2022 – Full Day: 9am – 4pm

Online Webinar

Dr Padraic Gibson

CPD Training Certification:
3 points

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor