How to Treat - Bulimia, Binge Eating and Vomiting Disorders (March 12th 2022)

This training is a ‘must-do’ for anyone working with Eating Disorders. With poor outcome rates and even poorer follow up rates of success, it is important for anyone working in the field to effective techniques for treating Eating Disorders in order to assist clients to fully overcome their disorder.



For the clinician, these disorders can seem very threatening and clinician burnout is very high in this sector. This training with deal with Bulimia and compulsive Binge Eating and Vomiting Disorder (which we will see is a separate syndrome in and of itself). This training will be offered by specialist researchers in the field and will draw upon family and systems therapy as well as a unique Brief Strategic approach.

Module Content and Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the evolution and maintenance of Bulimia, Binge eating and Vomiting disorders
  • Awareness of the Perceptive-Reactive-System for Bulimia, Binge Eating and Vomiting
  • Knowledge of the main attempts at solution in each pathology
  • Learn the Operative Diagnosis for these Disorders
  • Distinguish between: Artichoke, Boterian and Yo-Yo, Bulimic
    How to discriminate between “Unconscious Transgressive”, “Conscious Transgressive” and “Satisfied Transgressive” in Vomiting Syndrome
  • Learn the complete treatment protocols for Bulimia, Binge Eating and Vomiting
  • Learn the effective modes of communication required with these disorders
  • Discover the use of strategic questions for these disorders in clinical practice
  • Main Strategy required for this disorder
  • Learn Treatment Maintenance instruments
  • Learn Follow up and termination techniques

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March 12th 2022 – 9am – 4pm

Online Webinar

Dr Padraic Gibson

CPD Training Certification:
3 points

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor