​Break Free From OCD - Public Specialist Lecture for Patients and Families (November 19th & December 2nd 2021)

This workshop will be an invaluable presentation for patients, their families and loved ones. The training will offer participants a unique opportunity to engage in a live Q & A with Dr. Padraic Gibson to have a better understanding of OCD and how it is treated at The OCD Clinic®.



We can now safely say that worldwide, there are literally millions of people affected by OCD. Up to 50% of the cases fall into the severe category and less than a quarter are classed as mild cases. It is believed the frequency of OCD occurring in the western population is between 2.5% – 4%, but as we have said previously, we now consider this to be four times higher (Gibson et al., 2016a, 2019b, Nardone and Portelli, 2013).

When speaking to our patients we see that many of them affected by OCD unfortunately suffer in silence. This silence often occurs through embarrassment or fear of being labelled, often unaware that their suffering constitutes a recognised dysfunctional perception and a diagnosable condition. Patients with OCD suffer with very distressing thoughts and rituals, some of which can breach many of the taboos of civilised society, such as the fear of murdering a child, being a paedophile or the fear of injury to friends or family members.

In most cases, when the disorder is a structured sequence of rituals, the phobia that originally triggered the desire to perform rituals fades into the background, and the attempted solutions – the rituals themselves – become the problem (Gibson, 2016, 2019, 2019a, 2020b; Pietrabissa, et al., 2016; Portelli, 2007, 2013).

On this unique seminar Dr Gibson will offer:

  • An introduction to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • An Explanation of Anxiety disorders Versus Fear
  • A New Understanding of The Disorder at The OCD Clinic®
  • An explanation as to How we become Mentally and Behaviorally Trapped
  • The 3 Big Traps – Avoidance, Control and Reassurance
  • Treatment at The OCD Clinic®
  • An intro to our Indirect Therapy with Children and Adolescents

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November 19th 2021
December 2nd 2021

6pm – 9pm

3 hours